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Aaharya Technologies  businesses towards growth and prosperity. With a keen focus on affordability and quality, we ensure that our pricing structures to suit our clients, offering competative rates, without compromising on excellence with Learn Digital Marketing. 

Mini Diploma
One time
25000/- INR
EMI Available
This price is for 3 months Mini Diploma Program
Live classes
Live projects
3 Month Recordings
WhatsApp Support
Campaign Monitoring
Free Hosting and Domain for One year
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You can get the detailed description of features mentioned in pricing table which are very important to know

Live Projects

After one month live classes are completed we will assign you implement and run the live projects of Aaharya Technologies.


You will get the certificate which is valid around the world. You will just not bring the certificate. You will bring your work along with you.

Recording Access

For a better understanding, we provide live classes for one month. We will provide access to those live classes for up to 3 months.

Campaign Monitoring

We will monitor your campaign on our live projects, We will provide funding. And help you to optimize your campaign

Hosting & Domain

We will provide free hosting and domain for one year to run your sample project. And to show case in interviews.

WhatsApp Support

The WhatsApp support will be available during 3 months of internship program.

Student Testimonials :

"Aaharya Technologies exceeds expectations "

“Studying at Aaharya Technologies has been an incredible experience for me. Not only have I gained valuable knowledge and skills, but the affordability of the courses has also made it accessible for me to pursue my passion for digital marketing. The quality of education and support provided here far exceeds the pricing, making it an exceptional value.I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with Aaharya Technologies, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to further their education in digital marketing.”

"Aaharya Technologies Sets the Standards For Quality Of Education"

At Aaharya Technologies, the quality of education is unmatched. The Trainer (Sivaji Sir) are experts in their field and provide comprehensive lessons that are both informative and engaging. I appreciate the wealth of resources available for self-study, which have been instrumental in deepening my understanding of digital marketing concepts. Additionally, the Trainers are always available to clarify doubts and provide clear explanations, ensuring that no question goes unanswered. I’m grateful for the excellence in education provided by Aaharya Technologies, which has truly enhanced my learning experience.”

"Aaharya Technologies Outstanding Education"

The Trainer’ expertise and dedication have provided valuable insights and skills that have significantly boosted my confidence in the digital marketing field. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to cover all essential topics comprehensively, and the interactive sessions make learning engaging and enjoyable. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from industry experts and highly recommend Aaharya Technologies to anyone looking to advance their digital marketing knowledge.”

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