Know the importance of SEO

What is SEO?

SEO involves making minute changes to the website you manage or own, but when combined with other modifications, the impact is really huge on the performance while the user is viewing it and ranking in organic search.

You should have your site listed on search engines. And if you are having a good SEO can help the bots in search engines to recognise your content better and rate accordingly.

Importance of SEO

Why is SEO so important? 

Search engine optimization is the way to expand your presence and makes users trust you. A higher search ranking situation likens to more organic users. Web index organic traffic – users who come to your webpage through clicking an outcome in an internet searcher – is vital to numerous organizations for three reasons:

Subjective – An increased possibility that users transform into clients.

Trustable – Higher trust in your organisation.

Minimal expense – Aside from the time and money spent, having great SEO rehearses that outcome in higher search ranking is free. There is no immediate way to show up in top organic indexed lists positions.

Things to take care of while doing SEO

The method involved with optimizing a site can be separated into three fundamental points:

Technical – Optimise your site for crawling by bots and web execution.

Creation – Create a unique strategy to target explicit keywords.

Popularity – Boost your website’s presence on the web so web crawlers realize you are a confided in source. This is done using backlinks – outsider locales that connect back to your site.

SEO importance


  • Using the right number of keywords and keyword phrases, and at appropriate places.
  • Doing On-Page SEO by relevant content and structure of the webpage
  • Doing Off-Page SEO by creating relevant and effective backlinks for the webpage.

You might spend billions while making your website rank higher in the organic search of the search engines when someone puts it a related query, but till the time you don’t provide valuable content that the user wants to know, taking care of the three aspects of SEO, your website won’t be able to reach the target audience.

Even while creating google ads for your website, the ranking in the advertisement is done by multiplying the bid we place to the quality score of our advertisement ( landing page being a great factor)

Ad Rank = Bid Placed * Quality Score

Where bid placed is the maximum amount you bid for the keyword

and, quality score is a metric to determine how good the advertisement is, by using CTR, landing page and relevancy as factors.

Therefore, having an effective SEO strategy can be a boom for your business by not spending a huge amount on the same.

  • Using social media, 
  • Website development, 
  • Google AdWords,
  • Whatsapp marketing and 
  • Email marketing.

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